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How to make your kids aware of good and bad touches?


It is very important for the parents in order to make their kids aware about their bodies nowadays. We come across a lot of reports of children suffering from sexual abuse  at the hands of their well known family members and others and  not even realise the same at times.

When they realise  something wrong has happened to them, they may get mentally depressed, show withdrawal symptoms, become socially active and may show signs of physical harm on the bodies as well.

So, it is very important for the parents to start as early as possible in order to explain them about what constitutes their body and other  sensitive topics of sexuality and menstruation  which we usually term as taboo.

The parents shall teach them about  sexual organs, sexual process but the explanations must be in accordance with their age.

Eventually, they would realise about the constituents of their body and must be made aware about their private parts. It must be made  very clear to them that no one can touch their private parts except parents and doctors and that to only on specific occasions and whenever they feel that someone is approaching their  territory, they must report it to their parents.  Parents must be supportive and approachable regarding this regarding, so that the child don’t feel shame to talk about such matters and they must extend their world hearted support.

The children must look for the warning signs if somebody is trying to touch their private parts are trying to look at those places and do unwelcoming gestures and  must report it immediately. It is high time that we make our kids aware of the environment and what is going on around them in order to keep themselves safe and secure.

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