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How to make your kids adjusted with divorce proceedings?


It is quite hard for kids to deal with divorce proceedings of their parents. They have lived with their parents for so long- sharing nice memories and events.  Both of the parents form an  integral part of the growth and development of their kids . So, when they get to hear the news of the separation of their parents, they would naturally feel a trauma. They may suffer from depression; mood swings and  they may be jeered at in the schools by their peers for the same.

They may blame themselves for the separation of their parents and might suffer panic attacks due to the same. In short, divorce is something which would be quite difficult for the kids to accept. But we cannot really hide the truth from the kids and the parents have to show some sensitivity in order to reveal them the truth about their separation.

First of all, they need to have a one-to-one chat with their kids and try to be as frank and honest as possible about the reasons for the divorce. The environment has to be made comfortable for the kids in order for them to accept the reality and move on. The parents must avoid victim blaming like blaming the other half for the divorce. They have to put up a united front and tell the kids that it is sometimes that they cannot make a relationship work. The transition has to be made smooth for them as possible.

The  divorce would also have an emotional toll on the parents as well and so they have to start having  a healthy lifestyle- like having a proper balanced diet, exercising regularly, maintaining contact with their friends, joining self help groups so that they can be happy themselves. This would motivate the kids to accept the divorce gracefully and try to be happy themselves as well and move ahead with their lives. These are some of the things that the parents can take up in order to deal with divorce cases and its after effects on their kids.

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