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How to make your homes safer for kids ?


Kids are quite curious by nature. So, they have the habit of looking up new things. When they learn to crawl, they might wish to explore new places in their homes which they could not visit earlier. This may bring in danger for them.
Our homes do have a lot of safety hazards- be it the kitchen, bathroom, electrical appliances. We are adept at using them, but the kids are not. They might get into an accident – they may end up burning the house down or may injure and kill themselves, causing a huge loss for the family.
So, the parents have to be watchful all the time. They must set up protective coverings along the sensitive areas- Like beds , electrical points , stairs , kitchen – in order to keep their movements restricted to a particular space.
Their bones are fragile at the moment- due to their imbalanced movements, they may fall of their beds, chairs and may seriously injure themselves. Hence, the furniture has to be made with extra protection, so that the kids do not fall from them- especially from quilts and beds.
They must be kept away from switches and household appliances. If needed, they can be scolded if they continue to do mischief by not following the words of parents and they must be given positive reinforcements if they abide by the rules. As they grow up, they must be taught about the hazards and how they should behave in the house. These steps would help in making homes safer for the kids.

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