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How to make toys safe for the usage of kids ?


Toys are important for a child’s growth and development. They learn to recognize and learn shapes, figures, colours with the use of toys. They also get to learn about action and emotions. It also acts as a good playtime partner for them.

However, they might posses certain health risks as well. The kids may end up choking on them, because of their habits of putting things in their mouth. They may end up ingesting small batteries, that may cause various health problems – even cancer. They can end up hurting themselves while playing with certain toys.

So, the parents must be careful of what they are giving to their kids as playtime objects. There are various ratings of toys- they have age specific classifications for toddlers ,babies, and school-going kids.

The parents should check for the safety standards of products like plastic crayons. They should keep a strict eye on their kids whether they are ingesting any toys while playing and should try to habituate them not to do so.

Whether the toys have been made out of toxic materials or not must be checked. If possible, toys can be put in washing machines, in case if they are washable. Also, old toys must be avoided as they may not meet the specified safety standards every time. These are some of the ways using which the parents can oft for safer toys for their kids.

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