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How to keep a check on the mental health of kids in this pandemic ?


Covid-19 has been tough for all. It has equally affected all age groups- be it physically or mentally. Kids are having their own problems due to this pandemic, but they are not receiving adequate attention.

The kids are having their movements restricted. They are not being allowed to leave their homes to play outside. They are getting a bit overwhelmed in their home environment. They are usually quite active at this age. Before the Covid, they had a certain lifestyle- school, playtime, tuition, outings etc. In short, they were super busy. But now, apart from online classes, they have nothing to do. So, they are either becoming lethargic – by following a sedentary lifestyle or they are releasing their pent-up energy by showing destructive behavior by destroying things or behaving in an unruly manner.

We need to understand that it would be difficult for the kids to understand the emergency caused by Covid. They are under a lot of stress and would see this virus as a threat to their family. They are becoming overwhelmed due to the fear of losing their closed ones. So, the parents need to be patient with them and make them understand about the situation at hand. They can involve them in household works and prepare a certain routine for them. The daily schedule must be made interesting for them and parents must give them their personal space at times in order to allow them to cope with their surroundings. Through this, the parents would be able to take care of their mental health.

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