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How to introduce your kids to Shakespeare?


We all Know about the greatness of William Shakespeare, his plays and his poems. He is rightfully known as the  Bard of Avon.

We as parents, can endeavour to introduce our kids to his literary works. However it is a bit difficult because his language is difficult to understand for kids and they might not feel interested to go through  his works.

So the parents have to think of innovative ways to make their kids hooked to Shakespearean works. They can do so by telling them  stories about his life, his childhood, about his literary prowess,  snippets of the society he was a part of.

They can be shown dramas in animation forms, videos which are made by  BBC. Books written by different authors about Shakespeare must be read to them in order to make them understand who was Shakespeare.

Comics can be bought as well for which presents his works in a comical and illustrative format. It makes it easier for them to understand his stories. Kids can also be motivated  to participate in school dramas involving Shakespearean plays. These are some of the ways to make kids learn about Shakespeare and who knows they may eventually  fall in love with his literary creations.

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