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How to improve handwriting of your kids?


Improving the handwriting skills of a child is of paramount importance as if it is not taken care of, it would degrade over the years, causing the child to face problems while writing in exams.

If they do not improve their handwriting skills, the examiners may face difficulty in correcting the answer scripts, thus hampering with the amount of marks they would get in such exams.

It can also pose as a problem while doing handwritten applications in other places of importance. In order to improve your child’s handwriting, you can do certain things like making them practice within measured spaces.

One of the problems, the kids may face that they may make one letter small another little large, creating disparity among the sizes of the letters.

They may also have trouble in copying the words. The problem has to be solved in an interactive way like changing the type of pens and pencils and the way they are holding them to write.

The child must be encouraged to come up with their own words using the creativity, fixing them targets like writing 30-50 words but with proper handwriting, maintaining proper space, sizes and shapes.

The parents must help them in distinguishing between the cursive writing and capital letters, as it also plays a good role in hand writing style. The writing practice must be done in proper copies and with the proper stationary items. Their motor skills must be taken care of in order to improve their hand eye coordination in order to allow them to write properly.

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