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How to ensure a safe Internet usage for your kids?


Modern day kids are quite tech-savvy. They spend a significant time of the day on online medium- like on online multiplayer games, Social Medias etc. The kids are quite quick to grab true essentials of Internet surfing and they utilize it accordingly.

But we are also aware of the fact that Internet has its pros and cons. The kids can use internet to connect to me people, make friends, learn and gather new information, do creative tasks, start petitions to support a cause and what not.


But it has its pitfalls as well. The child can face safety issues over Internet. They can be made to suffer from Online Harassment, Abuse. Someone might create objectionable pictures of kids and spread it online and bully them for the same. The kids may misuse internet to consume gross, inappropriate content which might not be good for them.

The parents have to be careful in this regard. First of all, they must make their kids aware of the dangers on Internet. They must ensure that their kids only use Internet in front of them and if not, they must check Browser history to keep a track on their activities. The kids must be encouraged to do productive activities over Internet. The parents can use certain filters to block the unwanted contents and must keep a watch over the people their kids are interacting with via social medias. By this way, they can make Internet safer for kids.

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