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How to deal with post- partum depression?


When a woman gives birth, a lot of changes takes place within her body. She starts lactating, accompanied by hormonal changes. The lady might have delivered the baby through child birth or C section- both of them take a huge toll on their bodies. So, the females may feel a little anxious, tiredness after the birth of their child.

But , if this feeling continues for a longer period of time, then it might become a cause of worry – as it may be the signs of post-partum depression. This illness can also be characterized by other symptoms- lost of appetite, excess appetite , lack or excess of sleep , unaccounted mood swings, irritability, lost of concentration , body pains , detachment from the baby and so on.

This is quite tricky to deal with. The patient might feel guilty for their health issues and would feel that others would harshly judge her for her inability to take care of her child and may fear that the child might be taken away from her. This illness can occur both in newly turned mothers and in their future pregnancies as well.

So, in order to overcome this – first of all the patient has to inform about the same to her family and it is the duty of the family to support her in this tough period. The doctor must be consulted as soon as the symptoms start surfacing. Counselling and medication are important in this case and that person also have to ensure a proper diet and maintain a healthy sleep cycle. These are some of the ways to deal with post- partum depression.

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