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How the arguments of parents affect the kids?


KgChildren imitate their parents to a great extent. They see them as their role-models and imitate their actions, behaviours. But at times, we as parents, forget that whatever we do would leave a deep impact on our kids.
Arguments happen in every house, amongst every couples. We cannot find a family not having done any fights. Some of them are basic, normal in nature. However, when the simple fights turn into horrible, toxic ones – then there is a problem.
If a child continues to see his/her parents fighting in the worst possible manner- accompanied by loud shouts, hurling of abuses, insults : it leads to the creation of emotional trauma in that child.
The child would start losing their faith on love, relationships. They might try to stay out of such bondage in future. They can develop anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and would face difficulty to connect to others.
This is not at all desirable. So, the parents must keep this in mind. They must look for amicable ways to resolve conflicts among themselves- like talking it out instead of arguing, visiting therapy session for couples. They must maintain a peaceful environment at home and practice such behaviours that would motivate their kids to do better in their lives.

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