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Healthy Snacks for kids


Kids are quite picky eaters nowadays . Its difficult to feed them nutritious foods . The kids are interested in eating junk foods like cola , chips etc ,. Even the adults indulge in binge eating of junk foods , so it is expected that the children would do the same .
The parents need to have a high level of patience in order to make their kids have a healthy diet .

First of all , the elders themselves need to have control over their food habits , as the child imitate what they see around themselves . They need to adapt to healthy food choices and motivate their kids to do the same .
Instead of giving them snacks like cake , pastries – the elders can give them better alternatives . For example , the kids can be given fruit chaats – mixture of fruits cut out in smaller pieces with chaat masala and other spices . Pasta is also another healthy alternative , but the pasta pieces should be homemade and not the ready made ones available in superstores .
Also , like fruit salad – a preparation with vegetables can also be done with bean sprouts , grams etc . Rice idlis can also be given .
These are some of the snacks that can be given to kids as they are good for the body and they are quite easy to digest . It might take a bit of effort to make , but they would prove to be effective for kids in the long run .

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