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Fictional villains and kids:


It is predictable that kids may have an aversion to the negative characters shown in films, literature. It might be because of the fact that the villains oppose the lead heroes and work on the sole motive of putting the hero through the harrowing depths of hell , which is not at all liked upon by kids at first.

Somehow, they end up becoming memorable characters for them. Although the kids don’t end up adoring them as such, but they do develop a soft corner for them or may try to understand their motives for their actions.

It would make them aware of what is right and what isn’t. Villains too at times have qualities like that of a hero- be it their mental abilities, character traits, weapons, physical attributes, super powers – leading to a mouth-watering contest against the protagonist.

There are certain memorable characters – like sher khan in Mowgli or Dr Octopus , Electra in Spiderman franchise of films and comics. They form a perfect foil to the leading characters. From the recent times, the kids have developed a fan following for Thanos, the arch villain in Avengers Endgame and Avengers Infinity War- who was hell bent on destroying the universe, for which some of the famous superheroes like Iron-man had to sacrifice their lives for.  These are some of the characters which are liked by kids all over the world.


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