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Don’t just know your kids! Understand them.


Do you think you are an ideal parent? For me ideal parents are the ones who really know their child. Knowing your child doesn’t mean know only what he/she likes and doesn’t like, but also understand his/her interests and challenges.

We often talk about our wards’ well being, their bright future, and for this we continuously look for the highest standard of career-oriented courses for them, without knowing their field of interest.

This is really ridiculous in today’s society of highly educated people. Healthy parenting is not easy. Just consider your children’s feelings, wishes, and plans and let them share their personal information with you..

As ideal parents, we should always find ways to improve our relationship with our children, as well as provide them with good moral and social values and proper guidance.

In order to really know our children, we would have to spend some time with our kids. This will give them a feeling of intimacy. Also, instead of imposing our wishes on them, we should attentively listen to them, their own thoughts, dreams, ambitions and goals.

Don’t scold the child, instead just understand him and treat him like a friend. This will bring your child closer to you. Being able to see things from the children’s point of view makes you perfect parent.

Let your children express their feelings, opinions and judgments, and if you find any of your child’s decision unhealthy don’t scold or compel him/her to alter it instead just explain the drawbacks of it or convince him/her that they need to think again on it.

And, if your children ask for your advice, offer it without being judgmental or critical.

Lecturing, reprimanding and criticizing them for poor judgment or unhealthy decisions will not help you to understand them, and will stop you from knowing what is running on your children’s mind.

So keep listening to your children and enjoy happy and healthy child-parent relationship.

Best of Luck and HAPPY PARENTING!

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