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Delhi Government to allow admission in public schools without a TC :


Recently, deputy CM of Delhi , Mr. Manish Sisodia has announced that Delhi Government would allow students who are transferring from private to public students to take admission without the need of producing any Transfer Certificate from their end.  Earlier, it was mandatory to show TC at the time of admissions.

Times have changed now. Because of Covid-19 , several people have lost their jobs. The source of income has become irregular. Not all of them are getting their salaries on time and not receiving even their full salaries at times. All these are creating difficulties for parents to pay the fees of their kids in private schools.

The government schools are emerging as better alternatives in these testing times. The education quality in such institutions has improved over the time and its infrastructure is no less than that of a private school.

Hence , a lot of guardians are willingly transferring their kids from private to public schools, where they can afford to pay the education fees on time and which is affordable as well. So far, 28 thousand applications have been received by the government for admission in junior classes and 91 thousand for senior sections. No doubt this announcement would ease the pressure off from families who are wishing to enroll their kids in public schools and they have whole heartedly welcomed this move.

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