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Culinary programs for children to enjoy :


It has been over a year since the lockdown had happened. All the kids are leading a restricted life in their homes , with almost little or no contact to the outside world . From morning to night , they are mostly staying engrossed in phones , video games with little or no physical activities .

This is in turn harming their bodies and their physical and mental well being  , making them prone to diseases. Mental health issues are also cropping up in them .

A Solution is that the kids can be made to take part in household activities . The kids can develop their hobbies over this period . A lot of kids have taken up cooking nowadays and several youtube channels have come up , run exclusively by kids , showcasing their cooking channels . Parents are providing ample support to their children in their activities in this regard.

Several new TV programmes have come up , which are based on the participation of children in cooking activities . Several shows like Waffer+Mochi , Kids Baking Championship , Cookie Monster Food Truck , Masterchef kids – these programmes have motivated the kids to take up cooking as a hobby and they are whipping up new dishes by exercising their creative abilities . This also allows a nice little family bonding  . The popularity of kids cooking shows have increased in this period and this has turned out to be a good method of relaxation and enjoyment for kids.


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