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Cricket sensation Mehak Fatima breaking the Internet with her skills :


Recently , a video has become viral over the Internet. This is a video of a 6 year old girl Mehak Fatima of Kerala. She can be seen hitting beautiful cricket shots, all of them timed to perfection.

We all know the craze Indians have for cricket. It is a religion in India and due to the advent of IPL in 2008, cricket became even more popular, especially among the kids.

Cricket runs in the family of Mehak. Her father used to play state level cricket and his brother also plays this sports. She took up cricket 6 months ago. She had raised a question- whether girls can play cricket at all, which promoted her father to think about the same and started playing the game with her.

Her video has spread like a wild-fire over the Internet- especially in Facebook and Instagram. This has caught the attention of various celebrities- one of them being Jemimah Rodrigues, Indian women Cricketer. She is a prodigy herself , who made her debut in the national side at a young age of 17.

Critics are in praise of the shots played by Mehak- her cover drives , straight drives are an absolute treat to watch. She practices her game regularly and wishes to become like Smriti Mandhana some day. The rise of Women’s cricket in India has led to an increased interest of people in Women’s cricket , especially after the performance of the women’s team in 2019 and 2021 world cups. If Mehak maintains her talent and passion and works hard , who knows she might end up becoming a superstar for team India in future.

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