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India to start Vaccine trials for children amidst the possibility of a Third Wave


As India continues to fight the ongoing Second Wave, reports are coming in that a possible Third Wave may hit our country within the next two months, with children bearing the brunt of the casualties this time around. This has surely sent the warning bells ringing for the citizens as well as for the Government.

Maharashtra has already started its arrangements for countering this third wave by arranging more beds and oxygen cylinders. Till now, the children have been affected, in smaller numbers as compared to adults. But we may never know the damage the new Covid variants might end up causing.

So, it is high time India starts to think about the vaccination of children below 18 years of age. Recently, the Centre has made the vaccines available for free for the 18+ age group. Now, we need to focus on our preparation for the vaccination of children.

Some of the countries like the US has already started to expand their vaccination drive for children between 12-18 years. India also needs to step up its vaccination drive. News is coming in that some of the leading vaccine producers have been approached to conduct trials for this age group. It is expected that Pfizer, Sputnik V and other vaccines would be used for trial on kids. 

Trials should be done in proper phases, results should be evaluated carefully and all the infrastructure should be utilized properly to start the vaccination of children. We cannot take the possibility of this third wave lightly, as we did the last time around and be prepared to protect our future generation with the best of our abilities.

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