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Covid awareness through comics by NGO:


An NGO association from Kolkata, named Ek Tara has created an innovative way to spread covid awareness among the children in slum areas. The NGO has created a comic series with illustrations and pictures by placing a central character in the form of a 10-year-old girl.

She has been shown as demonstrating all the do’s and don’ts of Covid and also pointing out the  problems which the kids are facing at the moment- like the  possibility of missing schools due to poverty, inability to continue online classes,  loss of earning members of family and how to deal with such problems.

The comic book is serving two purposes- Creating awareness among the children in the backward classes and also providing the moral support by relating to what they are currently going through at the moment because of the ongoing pandemic.

The comic book illustration has been done by Falguni  Gokhale . The book has been published in four languages-Hindi, Bengali, English and Marathi.

This book has been currently circulated among 40,000 children and production may increase in the time to come. This kind of awareness creation is necessary to  make people aware about the pit  falls caused due to Covid.

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