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Covid-19 orphans will be taken care by Govt.


Covid-19 has turned out to be a curse for the mankind, especially for
the children who have ended up losing their parents to this virus .
Although one cannot predict their form of death, but it is really
unfortunate to lose someone to this pandemic.

It is quite tough to imagine the fate of the child orphaned due to this
covid crisis. They would be literally rendered homeless, without a
penny and who knows where they might end up in. Other members of
his/her kin may not be able to take up their responsibilities, owing to
financial distress caused by this ongoing situation .

The Central Government has decided to look into this matter. Women and Child Development ministry of the Government has laid down certain guidelines for the rehabilitation of such children. The body has suggested that the child orphaned due to Covid has to be brought to them within 24 hours, excluding the time of journey. The ministry has discouraged the adoption of such children from details circulating on
social medias.

They have also advised that the adoption process for such children can
be done through Central Adoption Resource Authority and they would
have a watch if a kin member decides to adopt them.
Also, the State Governments are taking up certain initiatives to support
this cause. Arvind Kejriwal and Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Chief Ministers
of Delhi and Madhya Pradesh have announced policies to support
them. Other State Governments are also expected to follow suit.
Mutual cooperation between the people and the authority is needed to
fight and overcome the pandemic and these are some of the steps
taken in the right direction for this cause.

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