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Child abuse in India and laws against the same :


4It is 2021 but it is unfortunate that our country ‘s kids are not safe . We still see cases of female foeticide , female infanticide in India . Girls are being discriminated even now – despite of the fact that our society has reached newer heights in terms of development . We still see little children working in tea stalls , road side dhabas , restaurants for a living. We do have poverty prevailing – which is one of the main cause of child abuse in India .
Several children , majority of them from weaker financial background end up on streets , in brothels , in rag picking and begging business run by goons – where such children get sexually abused and may end up having STDs , coupled with identity crisis , mental trauma and what not.
Our country has its set of rules and regulations to counter the same . We have a set of constitutional rights – Article 21 which ensures equal education for all kids between 6-14 years of age , Article 24 for protection of children from hazardous employment , Article 14 for right to equality , Article 21 for Right to liberty and others .
Other laws include – The Immortal Tragic Act , 1987 , Child Labour Prohibition Act of 1986 – all are there to serve the cause of protection of children . But we need to strengthen such laws and make necessary adjustment for its strict implementation so that we can keep our future generations safe .

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