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Cartoon and Kids :


Cartoons are indispensable parts of a life of a child . Most of us have grown up watching cartoons like Scooby Doo , Spiderman , Noddy , Disney cartoons and what not . Animations are quite innovative and even the people of elder age groups enjoy it as well .
Well , they can help to develop the imagination scope of kids . When they see the characters jumping , playing , doing stunts , the spectacular sceneries – all these can make them think out of the box and allow them to be creative . They learn some aspects of learning , communication . They also get to see and learn about various contemporary events through cartoons .

However , it has its flip side as well . Too much of cartoon viewing can cause mental problems – they might face difficulty in distinguishing between reality and imagination . They may start behaving like those of the cartoon characters – like speaking in a particular diction or imitating violent stunts . Excess viewing of them may cause speech problems as well . This might happen as they might get too much engrossed in the animated world – which might affect their other bodily senses .

So , it is important that the parents do supervise their kids regarding the animated shows they watch . They might allow only specific cartoon and block the rest and also limit their screen presence . We should understand that cartoons are not bad , but too much of anything can become harmful in no time.

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