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Best TV shows for Kids:


There is a plethora of programmes available for kids on TV and on online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon etc. But , only few of them are actually suitable for kids to watch.

There are several episodes of M.A.D – art-based programming, which used to air on POGO channel, is now available in Youtube. Kids can learn a great deal of knowledge about art and craft and the host conducts the programme in such a way that a child would readily fall in love with the show.

There is another cartoon based programme , Phineas and Ferb – which deals with two boys and their adventures about their science experiments. Its quite fun to watch and kids would love it like anything .


Moving onto reality shows, Kids can tune into watch cookery shows like Masterchef junior and other Kids cooking shows. They can get ideas to try new recipes at home and who knows might make a career for themselves out of it .

The kids can also be encouraged to watch channels like Animal Planet, National Geographic Channel, Animal Planet in order to know about nature, animal conservation, scientific experiments. With their stunning visuals and mode of story telling, they are bound to catch a child’s attention and develop their interest for such programmes.

They can also see certain shows like Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah and others to know about friendship, brotherhood , love for family, love for nations and other aspects important for their character development and learning.

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