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Best Board Games for your child:


Board games are the best way using which the parents can connect with their kids.  It provides them the medium to spend some time with their kids and get to know about them- about their likes and dislikes.

It makes them develop a competitive spirit in them. There are various types of board games available, some of them are:

Connect 4 – This is a board game for kids, multiplayer in nature. It is easy to play and is not time consuming. For example, if a family has three or more kids, this game is perfect for them, as it is not time taking and is funny and exciting at the same time.

Next in line is the game Battleship, which is a two player game, where the position of opposite fleet on the board has to be determined in order to win.

Eye found is another such Board game, in which a piece has to be moved towards the end of a 6 foot board ,  locating the hidden pics of city and all of the players  have to make it to the end in order to finish the game. The unique feature of the game is until all the players reach the end, the game is not over.  This might help the kids to stay back and not lose their patience on repeated defeats.

The last one in the list is Wildcraft, an educational game, through which the kids gather knowledge about medicinal plants and the game is designed in such a way that the kids have  to collect those pieces containing information about the same within a short time to solve a particular incident like home remedy for burns and other issues.

These are some of the games which the parents can play with their kids to have a quality time with each other.

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