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Art and craft activities to do with your kids:


Its really a blessing if one is able to learn and practice art activities. It allows holistic growth, mental development and allows our creative skills to flow. Art activities can be introduced to the kids in order to calm them down and make them exercise their creative and imagination to create something new.

Parents and kids would have a nice little bonding over these activities. Schools nowadays give a lot of importance to art and craft in their respective curriculum. Especially in the junior sections, they conduct exams on the same. So , its important that the kids start picking up the nuances of art from an early age.

At first, they can be made to draw arbitrary structures using crayons. It may not make much sense at first. But they would gradually develop an interest in colors and its shades. Later on, they must be taught to draw shapes and structures and full color in them. This would demand patience as the kids would now be drawing in a limited space as compared to their earlier exercises. Once they get habituated to the same, then the focus can be shifted to scenery drawing, sketches, water color usage etc.

For craft, parents have to exercise caution as it involves usage of scissors. Slowly, they can be made to do craft activities like collage making, pottery and other such stuffs. By this way, kids would remain engaged in some form off work, utilizing their positive energy to do something good.

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