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Activities to allow the mental development of kids


All of us might have seen in advertisements and newspapers that 90% of a child’s brain development happens within 5 years of age . They have the capability to learn and understand new things at this point of time . The parents can utilize this phase in order to make their children try out new things and learn about their surroundings .

There are various activities that can help the children to develop impulses , motor control , attention and other aspects . There are several indoor games – like building blocks , which tests a child’s patience of selecting , arranging blocks by their proper shapes and sizes.

The kids can be made to play other games like puzzles – most popular game for mental development . Memory game is also another good choice , as it would develop the memory retention capabilities . They can also be made to draw mazes , full up blanks and other such activities .

The kids can also be encouraged to take part in role playing – they can take up a character and act accordingly . This is also a good age to introduce them to the game of chess . This game is a bit difficult to learn but once they get a hang of it , they would enjoy it like anything .

Also  , kids can be made to take part in physical activities like football which would allow them to think on their feet , apart from improving their physical health . These are some of the ways using which we can make the brain of the kids sharper and active .

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