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Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy

A Healthy Choice

Regular exercise can help you to cope up  with the physical changes of pregnancy and build stamina for the challenges ahead. If you haven’t been exercising regularly, use pregnancy as your motivation to begin.

During pregnancy, exercise can help you stay in shape and prepare for labor and delivery.

Why exercise during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, exercise can:

  • Reduce backache, constipation, bloating and swelling
  • Boost your mood and energy levels
  • Help you sleep better
  • Prevent excess weight gain
  • Promote muscle tone, strength and endurance

Benefits of Pregnancy Exercise to Babies

 A Fitter Heart: One group of researchers looking at human babies discovered that a regular workout routine during pregnancy helped lower the heart rate of the fetuses at 36 weeks gestation (a good thing, since a higher heart rate can be a sign of fetal distress). In 2014, they followed up that study of babies until at 1 month old and found the effects of mom’s exercising.

 Lower BMI: When mice exercised during pregnancy, researchers found that their babies were less prone to obesity and diabetes. What’s more, they saw the same effect even if the mothers eat a high – fat diet – cancelling out any negative effects that an unhealthy diet alone would have caused.

Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy to Women’s

  • Improves sleep quality:

Those who exercise regularly (as long as it’s not near bedtime, which can be too energizing) say their sleep quality is better

  • Relieve  constipation:

An active body encourages active bowels. Some women say by a brisk of 30-minute walk to keep them regular, while others say even a 10-minute stroll helps get things going.

  • Boost your mood :

Research has found that exercise during pregnancy helps to improve mood while diminishing stress and anxiety.

  •  Lower blood pressure level :

Staying active, simply walking regularly can keep blood pressure from rising.


Depending on your fitness level, consider these guidelines

You haven’t exercised for a while:

Begin with as little as 10 minutes of physical activity a day. Build up to 15 minutes, 20 minutes, and so on, until you reach at least 30 minutes a day.

You exercised before pregnancy:

You can probably continue to work out at the same level while you’re pregnant — as long as you’re feeling comfortable and your health care provider says it’s OK.

Remember to warm up, stretch and cool down. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, and be careful to avoid overheating.

Activities to avoid during pregnancy

  1. Exercise at high altitude,
  2. Activities that could cause you to experience direct trauma to the abdomen, such as kickboxing,
  3. Hot yoga or hot Pilates.

Listen to your body

As important as it is to exercise, it’s also important to watch for signs of a problem. Stop exercising and contact your health care provider if you have:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Increased shortness of breath before you start exercising
  • Chest pain


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